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Unemployment Rate in India

After COVID-19, a lot of daily wages, as well as office workers, were affected and many of them had to lose their job. From April to June, the unemployment rate in the country was at its peak but as of now, the reports show that there is a drop in the unemployment rate as economically every individual has started going to their offices because of the relaxations provided by the government after March.

Unemployment Rate in India

Now, this basically means that the unemployment/berozgari rate for people aged between 15 and above in urban areas fell to 7.6% during April-June.
The labor force participation rate (LFPR) for this period rose to 47.5% from 47.3% from January to March. Accordingly, the ratio of the unemployment rate has enhanced from 73.5% to 73.4%.

Unemployment Rate in India

However for women, it was 20.9% in the June quarter and before that, the urban unemployment rate rose to 12.6% in the April-June quarter due to the impact of the second wave of COVID-19 in the month of May 2021 and since that time the number has declined for four consecutive quarters.
This growth shows the increase in the employment numbers of the country.\

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What is the current unemployment rate in India?

India’s employment rate in June 2022 spiked to 7.80% from 7.12% in May 2022.

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